Friday, December 02, 2005

Design Imaging

I have been contributing to the Design Imaging Research Cluster.

Broad questions addressed by the group are:
Can existing and emerging technologies be used to improve the design function?
Are there new ways, without regard to real or anticipated technological limitations, of communicating ideas and designs using multi-modal imaging?
Can imaging increase inclusion in all aspects of the design process?
Will the application of imaging technologies to design increase or support creativity and the creative processes?
How can design imaging be used to support education and learning in design?

The research cluster has taken a fascinating and revolutionary approach to the investigation of design. The approach and scope of the work has inspired and attracted people from a broad range of disciplines – people who rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to collaborate - and has allowed us to assemble a diverse group of experts. Members of the core cluster come from backgrounds including design, computer graphics, virtual reality, visual and musical arts, psychology, display technology, communications and telepresence, but all are focused on using their expertise to improve the design process and create something new and better than the status quo.

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