Thursday, December 22, 2005

Edgy Products

We submitted an expanded version of identityware for ISEA 2006. identityware is an experimentation lab for ‘art-products’ based on an e-commerce model. The project includes innovative products and artefacts which challenge cultural, creative and economic conditional norms. The project focuses on the development of ‘object variants’ (i.e. modifications; creative departures, options, substitutes, mutations or evolutionary trajectories arrived at through an engagement with specific design technologies.) These art products tread the line between artist multiples, designed objects, and collectibles. As well as the existing rootoftwo work on the site we have new ideas from:

Peter Eudenbach (USA)
Jon Pengelly (UK) (scroll down a bit)
Rob Price (USA)
Ken Rinaldo (USA)
Simon Ringe (UK)
Amy Youngs (USA)

Hopefully we'll get the new work up on the site soon.

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I am exploring a hybrid form of art and design practice through the use of computer-based design and fabrication tools. I am interested in experimental objects and spaces that are dynamic and responsive and seek to challenge perceptions, expectations and established behavior.

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