Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Object Grammar

New Object Grammar - systems, rules or underlying principles that contribute to our understanding of visual language – in this case, comprised of both morphology (form?) and syntax (function?) in the field of ‘designed objects’. A vocabulary for objects that eclipse conventional tropes and occupy the territory (terrain vague*) between art and design and pose questions about the cultural context of designed objects which engage with a reflexive discourse and second order understanding of the processes and products of design. A crafted language by which to engage with provocative and challenging questions that push the cultural and aesthetic limits of objects which are produced with intentions beyond conforming to cultural, social, technical and economic expectation and a fixed means-end relationship.

*Terrain Vague is a French term used by Spanish architect and critic Ignasi de Solà-Morales to describe ambiguous, unresolved, and marginalised spaces in the urban landscape. Terrain vague refers to sites that are often ignored in the mainstream discourse on architecture and design, such as industrial wastelands and monotonous suburban developments.

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I am exploring a hybrid form of art and design practice through the use of computer-based design and fabrication tools. I am interested in experimental objects and spaces that are dynamic and responsive and seek to challenge perceptions, expectations and established behavior.

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