Tuesday, May 23, 2006

GameSetandMatch II

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"With new technical possibilities of worldwide electronic networking and the ubiquitous employment of new media and digital technology in various fields of research and practice, conventional disciplines gradually dissolve as new transdisciplines occur. Contemporary architecture too resides in a state of transgression that gives rise to new architectural conceptions benefiting from a multitude of influences.

This publication brings together the manifold, international and interdisciplinary contributions to the 'GameSetandMatch II Conference - The Architecture Co-Laboratory,' directed by Kas Oosterhuis, professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. It addresses contemporary and future changes within and across the boundaries of digitally driven architectural and design practices. The notion of architecture as a co-laboratory accentuates this strong devotion to experimentation and collaboration. In so doing it offers a kaleidoscopic view of, rather than a defined perspective on current developments in the digital design domain.

The authors of the essays and papers included in this book come from very diverse backgrounds ranging from architecture and design to technology and engineering as well as computer sciences and humanities."

Brought to my attention by Jon Pengelly.


There are very few examples of things that are done right. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge them when they are. I have just (10.50am on Friday 26 May) received the copy of GameSetAndMatch II that I ordered on the afternoon of Tuesday May 23. The book arrived in perfect condition and being hand-wrapped in brown paper inside the box made it seem like a wonderful gift. I have had a quick look through the content of the book and I must say I think it is well designed and packed with great ideas and vivid images. http://www.episode-publishers.nl/

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