Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Autonomatic 2 (symposium)

Design Research Symposium
University College Falmouth
15th September 2006.

Symposium on September 15th focuses on the development of creative methods that contribute to 'humanising' the processes of digital production including: digitally capturing human gesture for the development of 3D forms; 'crafting' with 2D and 3D CAD software; and 'drawing' 3D surfaces using computer numerically controlled machinery.

9.00 Registration and refreshments in the Stannary
9.30 Welcome John Miller, Director of Design, UCF, Media Centre Cinema
9.40 Hello, we are Autonomatic Dr Katie Bunnell Autonomatic Research Cluster Leader
10.00 Fluidforms Hannes Walter and Stephen Williams
11.00 Refreshments
11.30 Motion in Form Tavs Jorgensen, Autonomatic Research Fellow, UCF
11.50 Risk Drummond Masterton, Autonomatic Research Assistant, UCF
12.10 Questions from the floor
12.30 Lunch and Exhibition viewing
2.00 Geoff Mann, Product-Artist http://www.mrmann.co.uk/
2.20 Coded Ornament Justin Marshall, Autonomatic Research Fellow,
2.50 Post-Industrial Manufacturing Paul Atkinson, University of Huddersfield
3.20 Industreal Costanza Calvetti
4.15 Questions from the floor and round up
4.30 Drinks in the Auto-Exhibition, Design Centre
5.00 Close

Download a registration form here

Symposium cost: £90 Workshop and Symposium cost: £250

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