Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ohio Supreme Court Building (project)

Another project that I worked on for Malcolm Cochran is now complete. The site for this project is an existing reflecting pool in a plaza next to an Art Deco building refurbished as the Ohio Supreme Court, Columbus, OH. The artist’s thought is to place words central to the principles and practice of US jurisprudence in the pool. The text consists of individual letters cut from solid, white granite each approximately 2’ square by 9” thick. These are installed just at or slightly below the full water line so that reflections may make the text elusive and fugitive. In this way judicial concepts and principles ‘set in stone’ are made difficult to pin down. I first worked on this project back in 2002. I built a 3D site model and produced renderings for the project. More recently, I edited the font and prepared the files that the letters were cut from. The chosen font was found to contain 'irregularities' which are unnoticeable as text but would have become all too visible in granite.

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