Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fabrications (event)

I will be contributing to Elona Van Gent's Advanced Studio Art course at The University of Michigan's School of Art & Design (as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist) in March, 2007. Here is an excerpt from the syllabus:

Fabrications: Constructing and Construing
Art 300 (19) Advanced Studio Topic
Instructor: Elona Van Gent, Associate Professor

"Fabrications is an advanced studio involving the exploration of three-dimensional objects in both physical and digital realms. Our point of departure is the multiple meanings of the word fabricate, meanings that suggest both constructing and construing. Fabricating an object involves making something by means of combining or assembling parts. It is a term often (but not exclusively) associated with additive material processes used in building and manufacturing.

Three-dimensional computer technologies are characterized by attributes that both mimic the world around us and defy its limitations. They therefore provide ideal environments for exploring fabricated things. Digital 3-d modeling, animation, scanning, laser cutting, and rapid prototyping will be used in conjunction with traditional sculptural media such as wood, metal, and plastics".

This course is pitched on the point of tension between traditional haptic skills whilst gaining the necessary digital competencies to be able to integrate these new technologies into the practice of making. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens.

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I am exploring a hybrid form of art and design practice through the use of computer-based design and fabrication tools. I am interested in experimental objects and spaces that are dynamic and responsive and seek to challenge perceptions, expectations and established behavior.

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