Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Multimodal Representation of Urban Space (event)

On 9th March I attended the first advisory group meeting for the Designing for the 21st Century project 'Multimodal Representation of Urban Space'.

The major hypothesis of our project is that much better results for convenient and appealing urban spaces could be achieved if all sensory factors were acknowledged and controlled during the design process. There is no doubt about the multimodal quality of urban space - it always appeals to all senses. But all these factors are usually poorly represented (if considered at all) during the design process.

The major research question of our project is how such an appropriate representation of the multimodal qualities of urban space might be achieved during the design process.

The photo shows Eddie Edgerton, Midge McLundie, Ray Lucas, Gordon Mair and Ombretta Romice.

This initial meeting consisted of a number of presentations from the members of the advisory group and a discussion of potential project sites/methodology/reading lists/means of dissemination, etc. The next meeting will consider taxonomies of modalities.

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