Thursday, May 03, 2007

Neil Gershenfeld @ TED (video)

Although I have been a huge fan of Neil Gershenfeld's work since I read his book 'Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop' I hadn't seen this presentation from TED until I saw it over at the Ponoko Blog. The presentation condenses the book into 18 minutes with plenty of examples.

Towards the end of the talk Gershenfeld indicates that the 'looming bug' of Moore's Law in the transition from 2D to 3D becomes the 'ultimate feature'. Fantastic stuff!

Elsewhere on the web Bruce Sterling posted a link to the article The Transformation of Manufacturing in the 21st Century by Lawrence J. Rhoades which is worth a read. Intrigued by the term “Innofacturing™” in the article I Googled it to find a place-holder for the home page. Interesting.

[Rhoades is president and chief executive officer of Ex One Corporation whose ProMetal Division produces systems specifically dedicated to making metal components. Fast-uk President Keith Brown once had ProMetal take a look at building one of his sculptures. I think he was having problems with the internal geometry of the piece. I'll have to ask if it ever got built.]

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