Friday, November 09, 2007

The Fundamentals of Digital Art (book)

I just received a copy of Richard Colson's book 'The Fundamentals of Digital Art' that is to be published on 27 November, 2007 (I got a copy because I contributed some photos).

My first impression of the book is that it is an informative and visual overview of key practitioners and critical issues in the field. This is what the publisher has to say:

"The book provides an overview of digital art and offers careful explanations of physical computing, using data sources, programming, networks for artists and experimental practices in digital art. The text is accompanied by extensive illustrations, ranging from work by recognised practitioners in the field to current student work from undergraduate programmes. It also includes practical clear workshop diagrams designed to help students develop the confidence to work with the approaches covered in the book themselves."

The book is broken into the following sections:
  • Introduction
  • The history and development of digital art
  • Live art: using response
  • Data into art
  • Creative priorities for coding
  • Art and networks
  • Digital hybrids
  • Postscript (including a list of resources and links)

It seems well worth a look and I look forward to reading it in depth.

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