Friday, May 16, 2008

Blinking Light Technology (BLT)

I am embarking on the learning curve that is Arduino (an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software). As I am prone to, I have dumped links to stuff I have found useful HERE.


michael said...

I've recently been to an Arduino workshop in London. Maybe there are also some in your area? I know there are in Brooklyn. Going there (L. not B.) was well worth the time! Great support and they had a good, tight schedule for the day ... no time wasted!
I can highly recommend the "Processing" book Fry and Igoe's Make book. Both are great! "Physical Computing" was written before the Arduino and addresses older technical approaches.
Very good, actually brilliant, are comments and scripts posted online by Tom Igoe here and by Daniel Shiffman here
both giving support, advice and examples for Processing (writing libraries) and partly also Arduino.
Over the past few months I created (with the help of friends) a Processing script that connects to a php script on my webserver, checks every X Seconds the number of visitors and makes an LED blink (on the Arduino) every time someone visits my website. Writing the script was the hardest - at the 2-day workshop I learned how to connect to the Arduino board. My script is very much patched together, no threading (so the app "freezes if the web is slow), no clear objects just sequential code ... this has to be sorted sooner or later.
Another important point is you can upload "Firmata" onto your Arduino which makes it much easier to address the pins from Processing.
Take a look here: documentation is in the script.
You can take a look at my efforts here though they are poorly documented compared to your page.
Next step of my research will be to connect actuators to the Arduino and let web-visits control a physical installation here in my office. I heard that the Arduino-Forum is a good source for help and feedback ... but haven't tried myself. Yet.

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