Sunday, June 22, 2008

Et Dukkehjem (update)

More work on the 'Et Dukkehjem' project. The first picture above shows 'Nora' and 'Torvald' with 'Krogstad' (or at least a prototype version of the table that will become 'Krogstad'). Roger J. Berent and Kyle Hulewat - otherwise known as Metropolitan Architecture Practice are designing and making 'Krogstad'. We recently saw Roger and Kyle's FIT Furniture on a visit to their office and thought it would be perfect. So we invited them to collaborate by designing a custom table for the exhibition. We have also invited Karl Daubmann and PLY Architecture to collaborate with us by designing 'Mrs. Linde' - a lamp. We have still to resolve the details of 'Dr. Rank' other than he will be a rug. We are beginning the process of prototyping the electronics that will connect the furniture to the audience, each other and the Internet.

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