Thursday, June 05, 2008

Et Dukkehjem

I have been working on a new rootoftwo piece ‘Et Dukkehjem’ (after Henrik Ibsen). Pictured here are designs for a rocking stool (Nora) and an armchair (Torvald). We have re-read Ibsen's play from the point of view of the user-object relations between the main characters and domestic objects. The image(s) above are my first (and second) test renders using the beta of Brazil r/s for Rhino.

[Update] - Cutting out Nora and Torvald. The material is half inch thick European Birch plywood (9 ply). The profiles were made in Rhino, nested with the Mosaix plug-in, and sent to Mastercam as IGES files. The parts were CNC routed (thanks Josh Bard) almost the entire way through the material and then manually separated from the sheet using a trim router and a laminate cutting bit - this was to prevent the smaller parts flying off and screwing anything up. The last image above is a dry fit after a light sanding.


Pete Hall said...

Really cool stuff John. Have you been doing this in Ann Arbor or back in Scotland?

Unknown said...

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