Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ira Greenberg

At the the CPATH workshop I also met Ira Greenberg - a practitioner with a background as eclectic as my own. Ira gave a fascinating presentation. He talked about a moment that happened after he had been using computers for a while when he became bothered by not knowing what was going on 'under the hood' - this resonated strongly with me. Ira also made a distinction between 'digital immigrants' and 'digital immersives' (aka Digitial Natives, Gen Y, Millenials, Next Generation of Workers). This is something that is becoming all too apparent to me. In a breakout session at the workshop I brought up the fact that it seems that the education industry is in the same position as the music, news and broadcasting industries - in that they are in the process of being remediated and generation-gapped (and for the most part don't seem to know it yet). The discussion was swiftly shepherded back to the quandary facing Computer Science (that I would argue is just a subset of my overarching point). Another interesting point made by Ira was that in art and design education the only failure is a lack of engagement.

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