Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RDO_002 almost there

First test of the assembled RDO_002. Mostly working - the 'crab scuttle' pulse needs tweaked. This is to keep it within the constraint of the 42" platform within the tea-house (it will be mostly unsupervised for 2 months).

Since RDO_002 has the "most extensive dynamic tunable capabilities from both in-orbit and deep space sources" we thought it would be appropriate if it chose to communicate via samples from classic sci-fi. HAL, ORAC, Robby, Johnny 5 and C3P0 are all in its repertoire (the Jetsons, Blade Runner, the Nostromo's computer from Alien and a Clanger are in there too).

The other robots need final assembly - then its off to Japan (coals to Newcastle...)

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