Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trouble in Paradise/Medi(t)ation of Survival (Opening)

The 'Trouble in Paradise/Medi(t)ation of Survival' exhibition has opened at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. The opening was by invite only. Somehow (???) an invitation managed to fall into a photocopier and copies managed to get attached to crates of beer that were left outside the Museum to be taken freely. Rumor has it that by some strange twist of fate someone had been distributing flyers throughout Kyoto that said free beer would be available at the Museum at exactly the same time as the opening...

Light/Sound/Brain - Koichi Mori

Bee’s - Susana Soares

Hug Machine - Temple Grandin

The Blind Climber/Linus’s Walk - Tomoaki Ishihara + Kodai Nakahara

Space Garden - Shiro Matsui + Yukihiro Morimoto + Akihiko Inoue

Genetic Modification Theater - Critical Art Ensemble

Biomusic: Water/Forest/Life/Sound—A Project Based on Fieldwork in the Lake Biwa Canal, the Garden of Heian Jingu Shrine, and the Kosei-no-Mori Forest - David Dunn

Trans-Acting: Double-Axel Rotating Stage/Walking Afloat—A Topological Experiment on Time Space and Memory Formation Based on Studies of Space Travel, Dementia, Gardens, and Developmental Disorders - Satoru Takahashi + Shiro Matsui

The exhibition catalog is in the form of a 'workbook'. Several pages are intentionally blank. Additional materials, cameras, copiers and printers are available in the Museum so that visitors to the exhibition can complete their own catalog with the things they find most interesting.


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