Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The journal Artifact is an international peer-reviewed academic journal dealing with design. The journal addresses topical themes and issues that are of relevance to design researchers, practising designers, and manufacturers. It reflects the broad field that makes up design today by giving researchers from different disciplines the opportunity to debate and exchange ideas about specific areas and issues.

The computer has become indispensable for the design professional, profoundly changing the design process. The unique role of the computer as a tool, material, and medium makes digital design an integrated element of almost any design project today.

Artifact does not draw an artificial line between the virtual and the physical. It strives to illuminate the problems and possibilities of their interaction. The journal does not frame digital design as a design discipline such as industrial design or graphic communication, but assumes an open position.

The aim of the journal is to promote transdisciplinary design research, encourage cross-fertilization, interconnections, and crossbreeding among different scientific disciplines, the design industry, and the arts. The journal embraces experimental research approaches to design, with a basis in, or view to applied design practice.

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I am exploring a hybrid form of art and design practice through the use of computer-based design and fabrication tools. I am interested in experimental objects and spaces that are dynamic and responsive and seek to challenge perceptions, expectations and established behavior.

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