Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Coded Ornament

Coded Ornament is an exploration of contemporary and traditional plasterwork. It is the result of a collaboration between Hayles and Howe, a long established ornamental plasterwork company, and artist and researcher Justin Marshall. Justin Marshall’s research combines digital technologies with craft techniques in the creation of contemporary coded plaster ornament. Through an exploration of the potential role of digital technologies in developing new ornamental plaster designs their collaboration is concerned with the future of architectural plaster ornament and craft based skills in 21st century culture.

‘Coded Ornament’ is much more than a static exhibition, and each day of Architecture Week there will be opportunities to take part in practical workshops, see demonstrations by skilled modelers and plasterers and computer controlled equipment, and attend talks around the process, procedures and inspirations which underly the design and production of ornamental plasterwork.

‘One of the key aims of my research is to work in real world situations, integrating traditional skills with digital technologies in order to extend the practical and creative possibilities for making new products. 'Coded Ornament' has been a great opportunity for me to achieve these aims and work alongside a highly skilled workforce.' Justin Marshall, artist and researcher

‘At Hayles & Howe we like to push the boundaries of traditional craft skills and bring in modern techniques and improvements. We aim to further this crossover with this interesting project. The company is delighted to be working in conjunction with Justin and University College Falmouth and hope it is the start of a long association with educational R&D projects.’ David Harrison, Director of Hayles & Howe

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