Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's Cooking Grandma? (project)

No one can match the magic of a Grandma in the kitchen. Human Beans want to document the recipes of the Grandmothers across the world. Fast-uk and folly have invited them to start in Lancaster. Human Beans are encouraging people to create home videos of their Grandmas cooking the family's favourites in their own kitchen and share their wisdom and stories. Anyone who can get their hands on a camera and a computer can participate - you can even make a video on your mobile phone if you want. All videos should be uploaded to http://www.WhatsCookingGrandma.net

And if that's all too much don't worry - Human Beans are also offering film your grandma for you, for free (in Lancaster) - they'll even buy the ingredients. Filming will take place during August and the videos will be shown throughout the exhibition Perimeters Boundaries & Borders September 29 - October 21 in Lancaster. Everyone they film will get a copy of the video to share with the family. At the show Human Beans will launch a new product: The Grandma Player. A container for those special recipes that will record and playback the sound of your grandma cooking whilst you cook along.

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