Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Seminar, Guldagergaard, Denmark

I've been invited by Flemming Tvede Hansen (a PhD scholar in the field of ceramics, working in Copenhagen, Denmark to participate in the following seminar:

In the cross-border of digital media and physical form
Seminar, Guldagergaard, , 3/2-4/2 2007:

The idea about this seminar is to meet people working in the cross-border of digital media and physical form. The aim of the seminar is to make an interdisciplinary network for exchanging knowledge, - show and share, - so new hybrids fields and approaches can appear.
The meeting will be structured by presentations of works and issues on the use of digital media from the participants. The participants are invited according to their use of digital media as a base or a catalyst for a physical product or art piece.

THEME: The relationships between the digital media and physical form in your project.
How is the physical media related to the work in the digital media?
How is ones knowledge about the physical media utilized in the digital media?
How is the interaction between the physical and digital media in the creative process?
What do the digital media add in an artistic sense?

PLACE: Guldagergaard, Heilmannsvej 31A, 4230 Skælskør, DENMARK

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