Monday, January 29, 2007

RP for 10K US?

"The 3D Systems Corporation has released information about its V-Flash Desktop Modeler, which the company plans to introduce this summer. Although the 25 x 26 x 27-inch, 100-pound machine is a bit heftier than your average inkjet printer, it points toward the day when you’ll be able to “print” your own little 3D models, parts and prototypes as inexpensively as a photograph today. Today, the compact, self-contained V-Flash can produce accurate, stereolithography (SLA)-like 3D models made of a photocurable plastic material 'within hours.' (Photocurable means that the material cures with a photo light source.) The printer accepts standard CAD formats like .stl. Models can be as large as seven by nine inches and nearly eight inches tall. The company plans to offer additional materials later this year. Price for the V-Flash? US$9,900."

1 comment:

me said...

.. here's one that can be built for around $2400 ..

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