Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writing Thesis

I'm (still) writing up my thesis.
[Update] 93,000 words and heading for the final chapter...
In the meantime some diversions:
Rapid Maufacturing (RM) is the name used to describe a range of new processes that make things by addition - by building the part grain-by-grain, directly from digital data, RM requires no moulds or dies - there is no expensive and time-consuming tooling stage. The technology is in its infancy, but - like all things digital - it is developing fast and, step by step, being adopted in industry. This Materials and Design Exchange (MADE) conference, hosted by the Royal College of Art, will make a critical and provocative examination of a revolutionary technology - how does it work, where it is headed, what will it mean for consumers, for designers and scientists, for society, and for the global economic map? Does RM truly herald a second industrial revolution? This conference assebles a well-qualified group of speakers - leading thinkers and players in research, design, business and economics.

More information: http://www.made.uk.net/
25 Sep 2007
9.30 - 4.45
Royal College of Art
Upper Gulbenkian Gallery
Kensington Gore
By invitation only - (What's the deal with that?)

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