Sunday, June 20, 2010

THR_33 (Nearing completion)

Another (almost sleepless) week. Some of the many things that happened:

The tea-house structure was assembled and painted.

The tea-house skin was laser cut and 'stitched' together. The skin is made from 2 layers of precisely cut synthetic paper pieces that interlock with each other.

The robot electronics and coding were 90% completed (still some tweaks necessary). We are grateful to Osman Khan for all the time, patience and knowledge that he brought to this part of the project.

The operable panels (a.k.a. the tea-house 'eyes' were mounted and strung).

Half of the tea-house skin was test hung.

Chris Johnson fixing the skin.

(Westley) Josiah Burger inspecting the skin seams.

While the skin was in place we did a test of where the robots will be seen and finalized the design and fabrication of the platforms they will inhabit.

A detail of the tea-house skin.

TST_003 and RDO_002 look through the tea-house 'eyes'.

When the 'eyes' are activated they allow for line-of-sight between the robots and any human beings that might be interrupting them.

More work was done on the tea-house skin and the entire surface was test hung.

A lighting test was carried out.

Cezanne checks the view through a tea-house 'eye'.

We tested various ways of lighting the tea-house.

RDO_002 ready for paint.

TST_003 ready for paint.

MXR_011 ready for paint.

TST_003 during its 'toast' cycle.

Tests of the tea-house 'eyes':

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