Sunday, June 13, 2010

THR_33 (Update)

A busy week. Here is some of what happened.

I modeled the front of TST_003 from the dimensions of the cardboard mock-up. This incorporates locations for the sensors and guides for the toast 'drawers'. The parts were run on the FDM.

A piece of ABS sheet was cut out and fitted into the top half of the shell of RDO_002. The same was done for MXR_011. These are to locate and hold both pieces of these shells in place.

These were fixed in place with ABS /Acetone slurry. (Note the sanded FDM part of TST_003  in place in the image above and in the video below).

An ultra light density fiberboard (ULDF) buck was cut, sanded, sealed and polished to be vacuum formed over for the rear end of TST_003.

'Nubbins', dials, drawers, handles and sensor holes were made, cut and inserted.

Side panels for TST_003 were cut from ABS sheet and joined to the FDM front and vacuum-formed rear part.

Cezanne began making the circuit boards for the final versions of the electronics.

Robots ready for final integration.

In the meantime, Chris Johnson has been working on the tea-house structure and Westley Josiah Burger has been working on the tea-house skin.

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